bachelorette andi week 7: scarves


Sorry I’m not sorry.

There are too many jaunty neck scarves for me.

Let’s cut to the chase. I don’t even remember this season is still going (tonight my husband had to tell me), and you don’t read this. Soooo, let’s not waste precious time we could be searching for GIFs, and we’ll just recap via word association:

Brussels (sprouts)

Melting Pot becauseĀ French, Dutch, and Flemish


Marcus Gosling is so hot

Nick = Deep V

Bad selfie



Nose crinkle

Dope dress

Andi’s “listening” face

Deadbeat dad

No hotel on Earth gives a key card to a fake husband not listed on the room manifest.


Skeev City


Tree kissing

Duck/Goose parade


Shiny forehead

Smoky kiss

American Young

How do they get all the Belgians to stand still while only Josh and Andi get to dance?


Ruins + Dylan’s love = standing the test of time

Rail bikes

Monks and Roses

Farmer Chris, Andi and pottery

Whoopi Goldberg

Smarter than Brian

Wrong use of All Eggs in One Basket metaphor




Shifty eyes


Wait, Nick has watched every season?

This or That

Fireworks do not blow people’s minds


Not here for the right reasons


Marcus Gosling


Brian and Dylan out.

Laughs in the background



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6 responses to “bachelorette andi week 7: scarves

  1. Pat

    Hello there,
    I read your posts every time! I just don’t comment;) I really do enjoy them even if it is a crappy season. You make it fun to watch just to see what you will say about it.
    I thought Andi came off as super controlling and condescending to the guys last night…telling them multiple times how important the group rose was (implying that they better pull out all the stops for her), goading Josh into confessing his “falling for her” comment (which then she gets super giddy and happy), and then call the guys her “sweet six” at the rose ceremony!
    I think Nick is a little creepy at this point, seeking her out at every opportunity. But she seems to dig it so what do I know?
    Anyway, keep the laughs coming!
    Pat in Boise

    • yael

      Thanks, Pat for your support and camaraderie! That’s a good point about Andi. She has always been like that, even on JP’s season. The thing about pressuring the I Love You’s… I think that comes from the producers, because it happens every season with every person. They need that for good tv and to create some drama. It sucks but ultimately it seems like the basic script.

      That “sweet six” think was ridiculous! And the uproarious laughter and clinking glasses while Brian is outside crying. Ugh.

  2. Barbara

    I read your post every week! You’re hilarious and always echo my own thoughts. Please keep it up!

  3. faye

    I’m still reading! I’m just having trouble watching in a timely manner so I wait to read your post until after I read the show and by then it’s already a week late and a kid is screaming so all the good material that I would have to comment is forgotten and I’m drinking a Chard……. Keep posting!!!!

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