bachelor pad 3 episodes 5, 6, 7 notes: i want chris bukowski and courtney robinson to mate and see if the world explodes when their devil spawn is born

A match made in Hell.

You guys, it’s like I am not dedicated anymore. Which could not be farther from the truth. I have been traveling some more and like the light and laissez-faire breezy summer fare that is The Pad, I thought you all would understand.

I have only a few comments about the last few episodes now that I am caught up. I would love to hear yours- even if you send them to me telepathically (“Kalon and Emily never could have mated because their spawn would have just been a huge set of veneers” for example). I do have to say that the season has had a marked improvement in entertainment value. There have been some nice twists and turns and even the Mike Fleiss Wizard of the Mansion has not been able to control everything (because you know they never would have let Stagliano go). I am super pumped for the finale. Chris Harrison actually said it will be the most “disturbing” in the show’s history. Break out the champers!

Okay, random comments:

  • Don’t the bunk beds seem kind of rickety? I have no idea how no one has fallen to their death yet considering these are full grown adults sleeping on tiny twin bed upper bunks that sway at the slightest touch- not to mention they’re all wasted when they go to bed. I keep having the urge to install some guard rails.
  • Blakeley worked at Hooters for 13 years, which apparently gives her an advantage on the teacup challenge. Except, there’s no way there are teacups at Hooters.
  • I turned red with rage when the show had Tony turn the car radio up “spontaneously” during his Airstream camping overnight with Blakeley and the song blaring was by Wes Hayden of Bachelor infamy and the lyrics “they say that love, it don’t come easy…”. I mean, seriously producers? Worst cross-promo ever. Blakeley and Tony actually seem to have a sweetly legit thing for each other and so doing that was just garbage. Also, I still hate Wes.
  • These episodes really confused me because there were some intense love-fests between Jaclyn, Blakely and Rachel (eg Blakeley saved Jaclyn with Tony’s extra rose to give and the girls also made a pact to stay together until the end) and talk of best friendships but if memory serves me, at the opening episode Jaclyn and Rachel were obsessed with how much they despised Blakeley and hated her and couldn’t wait to act fake and secretly loathe her. That shit better get addressed at the finale. Blakeley may be a lot of things but she actually never unnecessarily talks shit. I hope she gets pissed when she watches the footage back.
  • Erica Rose took down Michael Stagliano. Wow. She had good reason but why did she have to drag the Holly/Blake debacle through it?
  • I think “serendipity” is an easy word to spell. Coincidence?
  • Chris Bukowski is an infection.
  • Best line ever was said by Ed after watching Sarah perform Sister Christian by Night Ranger: “She looked like a monkey that was being electrocuted.”
  • Jaclyn’s hair extensions have got to go.
  • Jaclyn was flabbergasted, outraged, blindsided and angry that he “best friend” Rachel did not pick her to go to the final two couples since they’re best friends and supposed to be loyal. Um, so you don’t understand the game then, Jaclyn?
  • I wish Nick had more air time earlier on. He loves showing off his muscles and talking about how hot girls are and there is something so throwback and retro to it all. He’s like a harmless caveman, and therefore a nice respite from the rest of the sociopaths.

I guess that’s it. ABC needs to run multiple seasons of Bachelor Pad a year since it’s the only way we get any romance from the franchise.

This show is so gross and awesome I can’t even grammar/spell-check this entry.



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7 responses to “bachelor pad 3 episodes 5, 6, 7 notes: i want chris bukowski and courtney robinson to mate and see if the world explodes when their devil spawn is born

  1. Bach Fan

    Thank you for your thoughts on bachelor pad! I don’t know if I’m ok with all this traveling you’re doing 🙂 I really hate Chris (and Sarah by association), and I think the producers totally manipulated the whole thing – the “rule changes” and the easy “serendipity” word. I am not a fan of Nick, I don’t know why. I like Blakeley and Tony together even though I don’t find Tony at all attractive. Also I have been singing “Sister Christian” for days.

    • yael

      The producers really did manipulate so many things because clearly they wanted Chris to stay in the house. Grr. I totally hate him but he does seem to kind of play the game “well”- meaning with a lack of conscience and a lack of a beating heart.

      I’ve been liking Tony so much more this time around and he actually seems a little cute to me!

      • Bach Fan

        Well…it appears I was right to not like NIck…and last night, for the first time, Tony looked a little bit cute to me also 🙂 I hope you write a recap of the last episode! I swear that I have a very full life, this show just has a hold on me!!

  2. Mere

    I really should take notes because I always notice random things I want to comment on during the show and then can’t remember any of them when it’s time to comment. The one thing I recall from the last episode where they had the weird pool hanging challenge: I found it odd that Rachel opted to hang from the bar when her partner is a muscle-bound meathead who enjoys flexing his huge guns. Couldn’t he have, perhaps, hung on longer? I can’t imagine that Rachel really knows less Bachelor trivia than Nick, right?

    • yael

      I was thinking the same thing but then I was thinking that maybe it’s easier for women to hang ? since they have a lot less body weight to support. I know the arm muscles matter but I wonder which matters more. And also, I could swear before the challenge Rachel looked at Nick and said “you probably know a lot more Bachelor trivia than me” and he seemed to agree. I remember thinking that was weird but actually since he was on the franchise longer and went to more of those social events and stuff, maybe that was true. Even though ultimately he blew it.

  3. Elizabeth

    My random thoughts are:
    1. As much as I love Rachel with bangs, I thought she looked beautiful with the front braid.
    2. Ed is a douche when it comes to relationships.
    3. I LOVE Blakely and Tony as a couple. I really think that is a good match.
    4. Strangely enough, I like Kalon and Lindzi as a couple, too.

    It is crazy how excited I am for the finale. I have been desperately avoiding all spoilers (I’ve come to the conclusion that it really does take too much enjoyment out to know. Reality Steve – you are dead to me).

    • yael

      So agree about her braid!

      It warms my heart you are a full and complete convert to this franchise. And we are all better for having you aboard.

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