bachelorette emily episode 2 recap: flower aprons for everyone!

I am insanely jealous.

First of all, I have been vindicated. I said last week to my friends that the guys will seem hotter once we know some of their personalities. Because, you know, women are saddled with the sorry trait of being attracted to personality. Anyway, I was right. This episode felt a little less Not and a little more Hot. Thank you; I came up with that myself. (I have no idea how to use a semicolon.)

The episode confusingly opens with some pretend Channel 9 Eyewitness News footage from Chopper 9 of the filming of the show in Charlotte. It segued to nothing so, thank you producers for wasting 5 extra seconds of my precious life.

Then there is a little scene where Emily and Ricki are hand-in-hand and stroll up to Emily’s other mom besties to shoot the shit about how they all have to take on her slack of parenting while she lives the life of a tv star. I surveyed the mummies, who cannot really be described as yummy, and I have this cautionary tale to impart: do not become mom friends with a woman who became a mom at 19. You will always look like your kid’s great-aunt in comparison.

Chris Harrison gathers the men in the courtyard of the Chansion (that’s what I am calling the Charlotte mansion. I am so clever!). There are lots of v-neck tees and so I may add that to the drinking game. Also, is it just me or does Chris Harrison look younger and slimmer and with maybe some fresh hair coloring? He is loving his dee-vorce, amirite?

The first date card gets dropped and someone says: “This just got real.” I will make that #1 on my list of Totally Non-Manly Things the Men Say or Do this Season. Chris wants the date card so badly but it goes to Ryan.

Ryan now rivals Courtney for a horrible response to getting a date card: “To hear my name called it was not necessarily a surprise. Much like going into a ball game, I’m never expecting to lose.” I’m going to cut Ryan a little slack because he turns out to be a little less awful than that comment, plus a lot of you seem to be sweating him, but I have got my eye on the guy. He’s like a good Christian version of the Jersey Shore people: GTL. Actually, he’s not as funny as Pauly D.

Ryan and his majorly d-bag hairdo try to redeem his comment with something about his pastor telling men to treat women like queens. But only because then the women treat their men like kings. Ryan, quit while your muscles are ahead.

Kalon interlude: He is like Emily in that without the veneers he would be better looking. I know he has a suspect personality. I just think it’s important to note this.

The Chansion is really growing on me. I like it better than the LA house.

On date day the boys are maxing and relaxing by the pool, giving their abs and pecs and traps and delts some much-needed air. The sausage party component to The Bachelorette is never not hilarious. Do you think, similar to prison, the men start to imagine which dude would be their “girlfriend” if times get desperate?

Kalon calls it the “frat house from hell on steroids.” I mean, probably pretty apt. Just noting I don’t hate the guy yet. I know I am supposed to though.

Cutie Emily arrives to the backyard in an adorable light sheer sweatery thing and Arie earnestly says to the camera: “Emily walked in and she looks amazing. Her in her regular clothes- she looks even better than she did last night, which is hard to believe.” It’s not hard to believe inasmuch as her Night 1 dress was sparkly dog poo, BUT Arie is adorable and sweet and so far I love him. I know this is as original as saying I love ice cream and illegally downloaded tv, but dude’s a serious frontrunner at the minute. That’s what we say in England: at the minute. I’m so exotic!

Emily says Ryan seems like “a very nice gentleman” but is nervous because he’s so hot. Both comments are perplexing. I would call Ryan many things but gentleman wouldn’t be in the Top Ten, and how can Emily Maynard Of All People think someone is too hot for her? The human condition is so infuriating sometimes.

Be My King in the Queen’s City date with Ryan

Emily surprises Ryan with a non-glamorous date of going to her house and baking cookies for soccer practice snack for Ricki. Um, at all my soccer practices when I was young we just had oranges. Boo.

I have a few questions with respect to the baking and bringing cookies segment:

  1. Does anyone believe Emily uses those reusable net bags to carry her groceries?
  2. Am I the only one eternally annoyed that Ryan was super stressed about wearing an apron and wanted to rip it off so he could “look like a man again”? Just in case we mistook him for a post-op transgender?
  3. Why is it a good idea to bring a film crew to a little kid’s soccer practice? Is there a scenario where this is a good idea? Did a lawyer have to walk around and get all the parents to sign releases?

Ryan says it’s an honor to be on this date with Emily Maynard.  Then Emily then makes a little crack about a date at Chuck E Cheese. She has a sense of humor- it’s just presented in an interesting flat-line delivery. I will acknowledge that Ryan and his douchey hairstyle and roided out arms so far is hot (as much as I can find a guy hot with bulging biceps. DEF not my thing) with a sexy voice.

Moving on to dinner. There is a gratuitous shirt off moment (while Ryan was ironing). DRINK.

Ryan wears a black button down under a grey suit. Emily is wearing a rockin’ one-sleeve magenta fuschia-y dress. There are hundreds of people waiting outside Osso – Em’s fave restaurant – taking photos. With the red carpet and rope lines it seems so spontaneous.

Emily is trying to explain to Ryan she doesn’t want this to be a game and competition. She has always been so genuine and wanting to find love. Stereotypical Bachelorette! And then it’s kind of weird that Ryan feels the need to reassure Emily he would treat Ricki the same as any children they would subsequently have together. I want to laugh but I am so disturbed. Um, no one was thinking anything different until you raised that, Ryan. Ugh.

Ryan accepts the rose and Emily gives her tagline AWESOME. (Which is better than AMAZING.)

Now we know why the crowds had gathered. Emily’s “favorite band”, Gloriana, plays a song live for the couple to dance to on an elevated platform with lots of peon shutterbugs around them snapping away. Doesn’t strike me as romantic, but I’m not the boss of the world. (yet.)

Let’s Set the Stage for Love group date

The lucky attendees are: Alessandro, Nate, Jef, John, Alejandro, Tony, Michael, Charlie, Kyle, Chris, Aaron, Stevie and Kalon. I still couldn’t pick out half these guys in a line-up or recall one fact about each while being waterboarded and tortured for the information. But that’s the editing’s fault, not mine. And I guess I am just eager for more to be cut so I can start remembering everyone.

The boys show up a theater. Stevie’s sideways flat cap is making me angry. He just can’t help but come across as a DJ (which might even be a step up from his actual profession of ‘party MC’) despite looking so much like Jon Cryer in Two and a Half Men.

The group date is that the men have to perform in something like a variety show which will raise money for the Ricky Hendrick Centers for Intensive Care at Levine Children’s Hospital. This reminds me that there’s a lot we still don’t know about Emily because she does keep her private life close to the vest (save the camera crew everywhere). But two of my enduring questions are whether the would-have-been-in laws bought Emily her McMansion and also got her her hospital job.

Emily brought some friends with her to the show: Kermit and Miss Piggy. I LOVE THE MUPPETS. I am not even effing you- I love them so much. This episode totally brightens up for me. I am actually laughing out loud at Miss Piggy.

The boys get divided into groups for talents arbitrarily. The whole thing is actually rather dull. This group of men is kind of vanilla so far.

There is a comedy group practice with Fozzie the Bear where Charlie plays the balcony-falling disability card and gets to sing instead of doing stand-up. I am laughing out loud AGAIN when Kermit and Miss Piggy have a spat while Kermit is zipping up Emily’s dress. I can’t take it. Chris Harrison has a bit with not-Waldorf. There is a Miss Piggy Live show which includes a terrible poem, a sweet, if not generic, proposal and daily affirmations. Then Emily wants to kiss Kermit.

Btw, I like Miss Piggy’s hair better straight than curly.

Time to exploit Ricki more. She comes out to “sing” Rainbow Connection with her mom and some Muppets. I adore this song and I kind of wish it was not on an episode of The Bachelorette.

At the end Emily announces they raised $20,000 for the charity. A quick attempt to do the math of the number of guests assembled supports the conjecture that ABC must have kicked in about 75%.

After Party at The Garrison

Chris snags some alone time with Em. He looks cute here (he’s so hit or miss for me). And Emily gives him a huge compliment, saying he’s so good looking but never tries to be the guy who is like “look at me.” He seems needy to me, but the compliment is genuine, and apparently true. Chris explains to us that girls that gorgeous would never talk to him. There’s a lot of questionable self-esteem this season- except for Kalon.

Then Emily gives Jef a hard time for not trying at all to hang out with her or talk to her. I don’t even follow what she’s griping about as her delivery of the sequence of slighting events is borderline junior high. Which, to be honest, is positively adorable. It’s a pleasant surprise how hard Emily, she of other-worldly hotness, is crushing on Jef. He looks 15 and might be the only guy in the house not hitting the free weights. Victory!

Sean the blond insurance agent says something but I ignore it because of how blond he is. Go surf somewhere, loser.

Stevie is trying to dance with Emily. Then some of the guys go and spy. Kalon steps in. I can’t take Kalon seriously because he looks like a young Christopher Reeve. Then one second later some other d-bag interrupts (I lost track) and Kalon is actually classy and doesn’t want to argue when he doesn’t get two the extra minutes he requests.

Kalon complains about this to the guys but Stevie is still smarting from when Kalon interrupted his dancing with Emily. He tells Kalon he doesn’t like him (Fifth grade called, it wants Stevie’s personality back) and Kalon responds: “I wouldn’t like me either if I were you, bro.” I want to hate on Kalon but his comments are always pretty pitch-perfect.

Emily gives date rose to Jef. Which I called. What I did not call is that in doing so, Emily would exclaim “Cool!” Oh, lady.

Come Close to My Heart date with Joe

I was trying to figure out why Joe got one of the first one-on-ones. And then I was trying to figure out why Joe is wearing some garish hot pink and aqua plaid shirt. The James van Der Beek comparison is front of mind and stressing me out. They’re heading to West Virginia where Emily is from and l-o-v-e-s. They go to Greenbrier. YEAH, WEST VA.

I LOVE the black & white bikini Emily is wearing when they plunge into the 100 year-old pool! Faye now claims Emily is the first Bachelorette to ever get her hair wet during the show filming. Can anyone confirm or deny this? It’s a strong statement, but may be true. I vaguely remember Jillian had a wet head once. Anyone? Anyone?

Back at the ranch Doug is on Daddy Patrol, making sure no one is saying anything sideways about taking on a stepchild. Uh oh, Kalon then takes the bait and accuses Doug of putting being a dad “on hold”. Doug says he gave up his whole life to be able to be a great dad when he was 20. You guys, the takeaway from Doug and Emily and all this nonsense: Wrap that rascal.

Back at the Greenbrier, Emily elegantly walks down the stairs in her pink strapless dress to have dinner with Joe. Joe is being sweet and makes Emily “feel comfortable”. Joe gives a vague answer about where he sees himself in 5 years – happy and no regrets – which we’re led to believe is the death knell for him as a viable prospect as Emily’s mate. Emily tells us he doesn’t give her butterflies, but she’s open. Apparently not that open because after a brief pit stop (you guys, we should try to use lots of car racing expressions this season!) at the famous Love Clock, Emily sobs and then sends Joe home. She cries because she’s a good person and rejecting people feels awful. Joe does not cry, or even hug Emily goodbye. He peaces out and unless I missed something, we don’t even get a reject limo confessional.

Was it necessary to have the fireworks go off anyway?

Back at Emily’s house: Ricki goes to bed and all I care about is Emily’s awesome fake eyelashes and crazy amount of makeup supplies and her MILFy mom.

Cocktail Party

Emily arrives wearing another sort of pageanty dress. This one is bright purple, with one sleeve, a cool back and some garish rhinestones. Emily has the unique claim so far of being the Bachelorette far better dressed casually than formally.

Arie re-surfaces and they have a little swinging bench chat. They discuss Scottsdale. Arie drops the awesomebomb that he dated a girl with two kids and loves kids. I feel like Arie is good at chat and asks Emily about her life and just keeps it casual and yet meaningful. He is so a frontrunner and my bracket is thanking me.

Tony and Stevie are out of sorts about Ryan WITH HIS ROSE having the nerve to talk to Emily. I don’t see what the big deal is until it turns out Ryan wrote Emily a 10-page letter and is making her recite it like a monologue. After stalking them, Tony gets some 1 on 1 time with Emily and drops the bomb he has an adorable son, Austin, who is 5. Tony kind of emphasizes too much for my taste his son’s name, and the fact that he has a son and that he gave up time with him to FIND LOVE. Emily looks distracted and is sipping her wine.

Emily and Kalon bond over being 26 year-olds trapped in old people’s bodies. If that’s what old looks like, I’m calling Social Security tomorrow. I want mine! When Kalon returns to the hornet’s nest in a better mood, Sean, to the camera, accuses him of “using his vocabulary to show his dominance in the house.” I too hate losers who use superficial ill-gotten gains like vocabulary to get ahead in life. Then, in a desperate attempt to further vilify Kalon for very little, someone complains that Kalon carries Louis Vuitton luggage. Maybe it’s my now-constant exposure to European men with fashionable taste, but I don’t see the problem. It’s like these guys are so insecure, they’ll only trust a dude who carries his belongings in a canvas Jansport duffel bag with a bottle opener keychain attached to the zipper.

Rose Ceremony

I want to guess the two sent home ahead of time but in my mind there are more than two significant losers.

(Ryan and Jef have roses)

Kalon – he deserves it. He actually talks to Emily and articulates himself well and seems sort of genuine

Arie – um, yeah

Michael – whoa, where have you been, crazy long-haired guy?!

Nate – drawing a blank

Sean – go drown your blond hair

Chris – yep

Doug – Hi, dad!

Travis – who?


John “Wolf” – ugh

Alessandro – Speak, Alessandro, speak!!

Charlie (Flowers for Algernon?)

Alejandro – his earrings are annoying


I don’t even know the rejects names so what.ever. Oh, Aaron the biology teacher (the job comes with the huge glasses) and Kyle (who is ready for love and to find the one).


Arie at an amusement park with crazy-faced Dolly Parton and OPEN MOUTH KISSES, and then there is a 1 on 1 date with Chris and rappelling.

Alessandro says something about taking on a kid is a “compromise”. I can’t wait!

And the egg gets shattered. Travis, you naughty boy.



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14 responses to “bachelorette emily episode 2 recap: flower aprons for everyone!

  1. Bach Fan

    I kind of like Sean! I like Arie too. There is something wrong with Kalon’s lips. He’s trying a little too hard to be “rich”. I don’t like him. I have to admit that the guys were looking better this week…who knew there were all those muscles under those awkward “first impressions” last week??

  2. Kimi

    Now I remember why I watch these shows! I was feeling mildly disappointed and even bored after this episode, but you really have a way of bringing it to life (and causing me to remember it being so much more interesting than it was)! Thank you for the laughs!

    • yael

      Thank you, Kimi! It would not be fun to stay up until 3am recapping unless I had all your insightful and hilarious comments to look forward to. (Although, who am I kidding? I stay up until 3am anyway.)

  3. Elizabeth

    I love Emily! The girl rocks. I’ve read some other (nowhere near as awesome recaps) complaining that Emily – and therefore her season – is boring. I couldn’t disagree more. She’s threading the needle. She’s bringing all these facets of womanhood together: being young, sexy, reliable and smart. How to juggle being on a date and being a flirt with not losing sight of the aim of finding a compatible life partner. I’m in awe.

    Of course, her choice of Ryan and Joe for first dates was seriously weird. I do not get her attraction to Ryan. He’s not my version of good-looking. His hair is awful. And his comment about needing to stop baking so he “could feel like a man again” made me actively hate him. Run Emily. This guy won’t wake up in the middle of the night to change a diaper because he thinks it is emasculating.

    • yael

      I totally agree that Emily is immeasurably likable and genuine and the rare star of this show who most everyone feels like rooting for. That said, it would be nice to know a little more about her as a person- besides her steady poise. I mean, what was it like to have a baby at 19? What was it like to date celebrities? What is her relationship with Ricky’s family?

      Moving on, I beyond agree with your assessment of Ryan. I don’t think I see what some of my friends do. I think Lost Angeles blogged it best (second best recaps on Earth) with this conclusion:

      “Ryan, the guy who gives steroids to children and has more jawline than a Luke Wilson convention, gets the first one on one date confirming that despite the fact Lady Veneers keeps saying she wants to move on to a better guy, will still just pick the more athletic-obviously frat rock asshole out there…if you couldn’t smell that this dude was a huge dick from a mile away, you are sleeping. Ladies, a man owes it to you to have unique game. No man goes to the gym that much, played pro sports, and wears really thin v-neck shirts because he wants to raise you kid…He is going to say whatever the fuck he needs to say to make you think he’s all good and you will hear what you want to hear, ignoring intonation and better judgment. Ladies, if you are dating a man like this right now, get out, he’s lying. If you are that guy, don’t worry. Keep doing what you are doing because she is going to ignore it and my advice, and that will probably make you enjoy it more (even though you told your friends at the bar last week you were bored).”

  4. Gillian

    Kalon is totally Cillian Murphy. Check it out. And I gotta say I’m not hating him either.
    I love Arie and Jef too!
    One guy has a real problem with his eyes being too close together.
    I swear that if the long hair guy were to cut his hair he would be the most handsome. Do you think there will be a mid-epi makeover?!
    I enjoyed Em’s pink frilly kinda trying to be sex and the city Carrie is in Paris with mikail dress. I did spend a good amount of time trying to convince my husband that her boobs are fake. Does anyone have proof I can pass along? Despite our boob argument, he made me laugh when he said “i hate it when she’s talking and then her Paula Dean comes out.”
    I think this epi made me realize that I like Emily. I think she’s decently witty and smart. And she has the prettiest brown eyes. If she could get a stylist she would be set.
    Oh and whilst trying to find proof of her breast implants, I ran across an interview with her where she said she uses velcro rollers in conjunction with a curling iron everyday and I forgot I had some and ladies, it changed my life today! Really worth the commitment to the franchise all these years.
    It’s good to be back! Yael you continue to be so dang hilarious!

    • yael

      Oh holy Chansion, you nailed it, Gillian! Kalon is a dead ringer for Cillian Murphy! I knew he looked like someone but some of you really have a sixth sense for the celebrity lookalike thing.

      I laughed thinking of Michael getting a mid-epi makeover. They should do that.

      I was also totally yelling to my friend that Emily’s boobs are fake. I had no concrete proof either but they’re just so big and perfectly shaped and perky. It just seems inconceivable that the genetic lottery could have achieved so much perfection in one person.

      Between your rollers and the free blush/bronzer tutorial a few seasons ago, this franchise just gives and gives and gives. (Speaking of, I am jonesing for Em’s Betsey Johnson bikini! Looks like Chapter 11 bankruptcy is not slowing the old designer down.)

      • Gillian

        Given that I’m Gillian Murphy, Cillian and I have always been close. But it actually took me forever to figure it out. It’s pretty uncanny. But the flipper throws it all off in the end. and yes re the blush! I forgot I had an epiphany about that. I’ll get back on the subdued blush bandwagon.
        And PS the Betsey Johnson shop in downtown Seattle has some huge sales going on right now. I keep passing by the window but you’ve inspired me to see if this particular shop carries the swim line! again with this franchise!!!

  5. Jenny

    I miss the guy with the mask 😦

  6. kyle

    Oh my gosh– this blog makes my day. And YES on Cillian Murphy…although I also think Kalon wears lip gloss. And YES on the fake boobs. The scene with Kermit (in that tank top) sealed it for me. I seriously had to look away…and my husband could not. Seriously though, Emily is stunning. She just needs to retire the bedazzler.

    I am slightly nervous that she’s on the fast track to Brad 2.0. A lot of these guys seem to fit that bill– Ryan for sure. What is up with his hair?? The cookie date had be way perplexed. I mean, my kids play soccer and don’t get squat at practice. Heck, you’ll get the evil eye for bringing cookies anywhere unless they are gluten free sugar free flavor free granola from Whole Foods cookies. The dancing to Gloriana was awkward…especially since the song was all about kissing.

    Huge points to Emily there– she is real respectable like…no kissing yet! Is that a record?? Looks like Arie gets the first smooch and I am jealous…of them both. I have crushes on both Arie and Emily. Still can’t figure out Jeff and still refuse to drop the f. I loved their conversation though and how nervous they both were– middle school angst. Jeff might even be super hot. I just can’t decide. I can’t get past the Bieber Fever of it all.

    Other random notes…I think Sean is going to grow on me…and be hot. Doug has major muscles– like huge guns and maybe some anger issues so Kalon might want to tread lightly…or just “check yourself” as Doug advised 50 times. I loved Em’s slow dance reference to Boys II Men and Nsync. Girl after my heart. I do not think Chris is even remotely attractive. Her “mommy” voice was in full effect at the Rose Ceremony and it was putting me to sleep. I thought thick glasses dude was cute although he reminded me of Jeremy Piven. Hmmm… I think that’s all I got.

    • yael

      Wait, is it seriously like that with the cookie business and everything has to be gluten-free, taste-free, free-range, free trade? What do people do for school bake sales? So scary.

  7. Jenny

    Okay finally got to watch the episode tonight. I can’t get over the job descriptions – party MC, mushroom farmer and data destruction specialist?!? A professional paper shredder!

    And I hate all of Emily’s formal gowns. They are all I’ll fitting and way too pageant-ish.

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