bachelor pad season two finale recap: erica for next bachelorette!

Here I am on US soil and I can’t even manage to get this blog out in a timely fashion. Worse- I missed the first half hour of the show. I’ve also come to the realization that I can’t handle this franchise with commercial interruptions. I feel like this obsession of mine merits two hours of precious time I will never get back. But certainly not three. And during the commercials, I was so lost. I stared forlornly at the mute button on the remote. Look, January 2 I will be back in Greenwich Mean Time watching this baby on iTunes or slingbox. As a proper junkie should. IJS.

But speaking of January 2… it’s a long way off. So I am compelling myself to do this one last post for awhile and think I will try and condense this recap to some mere questions:

  1. Am I alone in thinking it unfair that a crucial elimination result should have hinged on arbitrary, subjective and non-expert analysis? (By past Bachelors and Bachelorettes, no less. Hi Jason!) A competition for money seems like one which merits only challenges with clearly defined rules and a transparent system which results in only one obvious winner.
  2. Are Kirk and Ella together?
  3. How cool was that when Kasey went to sulk in a gutter after Vienna accused him of yapping too much while trying to campaign for Michael and Holly to pick them to stay in the Final Four?! And I mean cool because it is the only time I have ever seen a non-glamorous inch of the “Mansion”.
  4. Why did Graham say – when freaking out that Mike Stag might have the audacity to pick Kasey and Vienna for the final four over him and Michelle – that this show “is about relationships, not money”? Did no one explain the show to him?
  5. Should Vienna feel bad that the rose ceremony was “the most important night of Kasey’s life”?
  6. Why didn’t the angels weep when Kasey and Vienna finally, mercifully left the show?
  7. When Chris Harrison introduced Ames by saying that “everyone is dying to know if him and Jackie are still together”, do you think maybe it’s because he doesn’t have the internet at home and never has to grocery shop and therefore see gossip mags in the check-out aisles?
  8. What was the hilarious charades moment Vienna described where Jake almost fell out of his chair?
  9. Is it really necessary to brush teeth for 2 minutes??
  10. Where in South Carolina is the dental practice Blake the Snake purchased?
  11. How pathetic was it that Blake proposed to Holly in this weird, totally staged and televised sequence and flashed a Neil Lane jewelry box at the camera?
  12. How come Michael Stagliano acts totally shocked at being ambushed by Holly and Blake’s engagement, but then 5 seconds later is ecstatic about life again?
  13. Is there anyone anywhere that didn’t think Holly and Michael would split the money?
Do we believe Ben really wants to find love as the next Bachelor?


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3 responses to “bachelor pad season two finale recap: erica for next bachelorette!

  1. Bach Fan

    I like Ben. He’s not “hot” but he seems nice and genuine which, let’s face it, is not always what you find in Bachelor Land. The Ames/Jackie moment at the beginning of the finale was AWKWARD. Also it was so funny when Kasey and Jake hugged – Vienna looked like she might explode. I sure will miss this dysfunctional show!

  2. sonjey

    Will watch it but not overly thrilled about Ben as the new bachelor! What’s with his hair?

  3. Elizabeth

    What they did to Michael was cruel.

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