6 responses to “bachelorette ashley episode 8 recap: america’s wealthiest hometown dates

  1. Gillian

    Good good recap.

    Poor Ames. But his family was least enjoyable, although that house/yard/pool was gorge! Except for that crazy hideous couch they sat on for a bit. I do think Ames will find a nice girl, whom he will hopefully find more enticing that adventuring solo. I think she made the right decision, though. She just couldn’t get past his big ol’ forehead (and now I’m wondering if he is a Hair Club for Men member after seeing his brother) and while obviously smart, he always seemed like he was recovering from being knocked out. Like couldn’t form words quickly enough for me.

    moving on. Constantine was never my favorite but his family was darling and he grew on me generally.
    Ben and JP are still my top two. I enjoyed Ben’s picnic on the porch situation. His tears seemed genuine to the point where I spent a good amount of time googling to figure out how his dad died. Did we ever know? It seems as though it must be more tragic than your run of the mill cancer (and I can say this because my dad died of a run of the mill cause). Hmm…

    But Ben has nothing on JP IMHO. And it’s clear how much she likes him. I don’t think she would have found rollerskating romantic or that much fun with any of the other guys. I worry though that JP has fallen too fast and is about to figure all that out.
    In general, Ashley has been wearing way more makeup and it’s not working for me. Can you imagine what she looks like in person? And she’s constantly placing her hair just so over her shoulder. It totes bugs. But I’m trying to remember that she is super concious of the fact that she’s on tv. I’m sure she’s more normal in real life. Right?

    • yael

      My friend said the same thing… like that we just want to know what Ashley looks like without makeup. It’s also weird that he appearance is so different from the Brad season.

      I heard Ames is dating Jackie from Brad’s season. Did anyone else hear that? Oh and as for Hair Club for Men… that would explain why his hairline is a little strange!

  2. Jenny

    I feel SOOO bad for Ames. He was so articulate even at the very end in the limo when he probably wanted to be left alone. At least ABC spared him the torture of following him around with a camera for a few hours post-dump like they did to Ryan. Hopefully he finds a nice girl to take to the ballet. Does anyone else think Constantine is kind of a boring? The 2 seconds they showed that old man throwing dolla dolla bills around was the most entertaining segment I’ve seen with Constantine involved. I love the link to the menu, BTW!

  3. rebecca

    Has anyone noticed how much Ashley INCESSANTLY plays with her bangs? And this coming from someone who plays with her hair maybe 16 hours a day. It would be more but I have to sleep sometimes.

    I am sorry but I just do not see what you people see in JP. He is okay but nothing special. And he is really really short, isn’t he? Yael is going to disinvite me from her blog for saying that 🙂

    OH Ames. We knew it was coming. Ashley and Ames were never a good fit. But I was still hoping. I love heart love heart love heart Ames. I don’t know why I wrote it that way. Yes, I agree that he always seemed to be a little drunk/recovering from a coma but still … what a sweetie! Except when he ran over to Ashley when they were first meeting up for the hometown date, that was a bit effeminate for my taste. Also were his blue boxers sticking out of his jeans for the entire evening? Please tell me someone else noticed that.

    • yael

      I would notice her playing with her hair more BUT I am so fixated on all the lip biting and lip pursing she does.

      I TOTES noticed the boxes sticking out and it made me strangely happy. It was like the most manly thing we’ve been able to see from Ames, so I treasured it. He is like a WASPy gangsta.

      JP is short and therefore, HOT. You can still participate in this blog : )

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